There is not enough support, counseling, talk, or mention in the Christian Faith about mental health counseling, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and suicidal intentions. Christians attend church each Sunday and struggle in the pews; while listening to good singing, prayers, preaching, and fellowship. However, they leave the pews and return home in a worse state than before they left. Members need someone to counsel them, talk to them, and minister to them and not preach to them about their mind of anxiety. Parishioners and others need to feel loved and that their personal information will not be broadcasted over the pulpit after sharing to a local clergy or minister.  Members have to reach out to Depression and anxiety is a silent destroyer and eventually will control the mind over the cares of this world. Members have to reach out  This epidemic continues to grow throughout all cultures. According to CNN contributor, Lakeisha Fleming; "Prayer is not always enough."  You can connect with our Christian partners as they provide tons of wealth on a daily basis along with courses for crisis management. 

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